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Poultry and Birds


From sprawling country estates and large farms through to suburban homes and city centre properties, birds are a lovely addition to any outdoor space. Whether you're keeping the birds, or simply feeding the ones that live in or around your garden, caring for these animals requires the right feed and equipment.


Here at Widmer Feeds, we offer a wide range of bird food, bedding, enclosures and other supplies, providing everything you need to ensure the health and safety for your feathered friends. We also sell a variety of live chickens, ducks and aviary birds from our shop in Buckinghamshire.


What we offer

Caring for birds can be a joy. It can also be a wonderful learning experience for children - teaching them about responsibility, as well as giving them a biology lesson. The first, step, however, is to make sure you have everything the creatures require.



Exotic birds like canaries, budgies and cockatiels make excellent pets and are fun to have around with their lively chirping, songs and even imitations. We sell a variety of these avians, as well as the items you need to care for them - from cages and toys, through to nutritious food formulated for each species and health supplements.



If you have a bit of space, keeping chickens can be very rewarding - and you'll always have a fresh supply of eggs available! Here at Widmer Feeds, we offer everything you need to take care of your chickens - from incubation and hatching kits, through to feeders, chicken housing, food, bedding and informative books. What's more, if you're looking for some live birds, we sell breeds like Light Sussex and Lomann Browns.



Another popular type of bird, ducks are a great choice if you're looking for egg production. Plus, they're fun to have around. If you're caring for these birds, you'll need a special house for them, since ducks like to feel a cosy and secure, as well as specialist food designed for their dietary needs. In addition, Widmer Feeds offers accessories like feeders and we sell live ducks from six months old.



There are many different types of pigeons, from doves through to racing and homing pigeons. No matter what type of pigeons you care for, keeping them healthy and safe will require a suitable enclosure and plenty of nutritious food.


Wild birds

Taking care of wild birds is a relatively simple task, and it can bring great benefit to your outdoor space. Not only are you helping animals like swallows, sparrows and finches survive and thrive, but you'll also be adding to the diversity of your garden. Feeders and seed feed are a great way to ensure these avians have plenty to eat during most of the year, while fat balls and other treats will give them extra calories and nutrition in the colder months.


Choose Widmer Feeds

Established for more than 20 years, Widmer Feeds is a family-run business near Aylesbury. Our product range includes everything you need to take care of birds and poultry, as well as feed and equipment for a variety of other animals - from dogs and cats to horses, cows, goats, sheep, small animals and reptiles.


Many of our goods can be purchased online and delivered anywhere in the UK, making it a little bit easier to care for the creatures that rely on you. You can also visit our shop seven days a week to stock up on bulky items or purchase live birds and poultry.


What's more, our friendly team is always on-hand to answer questions, either in person or via email or telephone on 01844 344765. 

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